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Technology Companies Face Challenges

Technology companies face stiff competition, increased energy costs, numerous government regulations and high expectations to reduce their environmental footprint.

Your company is held to the highest standards by customers, the government and the public. Implementing the latest resource management methodologies will demonstrate your commitment to your community and the environment.

Let Casella Help You

At many technology companies across the Northeast, Casella is the partner of choice for managing complex waste stream needs.

We offer a complete suite of resource management solutions to help you to achieve zero waste and curb energy costs. We can help you define the road map to zero waste and become a model for green practices.

Our team can partner with you to:

  • Manage your waste budget by increasing recycling and diversion
  • Integrate resource management strategies into your company, saving you time and money
  • Benchmark your current waste performance then implement strategies to effectively manage your waste by-products
  • Implement detailed reporting and metrics to track the impact on your bottom line